Provincial Committee for Serbia

The Provincial Committee for Serbia (Serbian: Покрајински комитет за Србију/Pokrajinski komitet za Srbiju) or Provincial Committee of Serbia (Покрајински комитет Србије/Pokrajinski komitet Srbije), abbreviated PKS/ПКС,[1] was the branch of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (KPJ) active in Serbia during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and German-occupied Serbia during World War II. It was transformed into the Communist Party of Serbia in 8 May 1945.


Kingdom of YugoslaviaEdit

World War IIEdit

On 4 July 1941, the PKS established the Main Staff of the National Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Serbia.

In 1941, the PKS greatly aided the communists in western Serbia.[2] Communist Party members were sent to areas in need of political activity.[2] The Central Committee for Liberated Territory was established in the short-lived Republic of Užice in western German-occupied Serbia. The reformed Provincial Committee for Serbia, set up in November 1942, established 12 new county- and district committees.[3]


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