Pros vs. Joes

Pros vs. Joes was an American physical reality game show that aired on Spike from 2006 to 2010. The show featured male amateur contestants (the "Joes") matching themselves against professional athletes (the "Pros"; mostly of retired male and female pro-athletes) in a series of athletic feats related to the expertise sport of the Pro they are facing. For its first three seasons, the show was hosted by Petros Papadakis. In the last two seasons, it was co-hosted by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer. The first two seasons were filmed at Carson, California's Home Depot Center, which was referenced in aerial shots. Repeats can currently be seen on the El Rey Network.

Pros vs Joes
Logo from the first two seasons
Created byConfidential
StarringPetros Papadakis
(Seasons 1–3)
Michael Strahan and
Jay Glazer (Season 4–5)
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes46
Running time60 minutes
Original networkSpike
Original releaseMarch 6, 2006 –
September 8, 2010
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Professional participantsEdit

Season OneEdit

Each of the first nine episodes of Pros vs. Joes consisted of a team of five professional athletes, distinguished by their uniform color on the show. Each team, other than the Red Team, appeared in two episodes. A special, "all-star", six-member Orange Team was put together for the season finale.

Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit

Yellow TeamEdit

Green TeamEdit

Purple TeamEdit

Orange "All-Star" TeamEdit

Winner: Charlie Brenneman

Season TwoEdit

Each of the second season episodes of Pros vs. Joes consisted of a team of four professional athletes, distinguished by their uniform color on the show. Unlike the first season, returning teams wore different colored uniforms upon their return. Like the previous season, the teams on the season opener and finale wore red and orange uniforms respectively. The Season Two winner was US Army Veteran SGT Jay McKeown.

Red TeamEdit

Purple TeamEdit

Green Team - Winner - Rodeny WilliamsEdit

Teal/Gold TeamEdit

Blue Team / Burgundy Team - Winner - Jackson WrightEdit

Yellow TeamEdit

Light Blue Team (The New Yorkers)Edit

Orange "Allstar" Team (Finale)Edit

Winner - Jay McKeown

Season ThreeEdit

For Season Three, the format was changed to a "Last Man Standing" format, akin to the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament with regionals held at the now demolished Orange Bowl Stadium in Miami, Florida, RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, where the finals were also held. The format now featured eight "Joes" in the opening round that tests them in a contest that will eliminate two of the Joes from contest. Those six remaining Joes were then ranked from one through six with the top seed taking on number six, number two against number five and number three against number four in a home sport of one of the pros, with the top two seeds choosing from the three pros. The winners advance to overtime, but now includes a bench where the Joes change from one uniform into another. Again the fastest among the three advanced to the finals. Gabriel Canape, a wireless rep from Lebanon, Missouri, was the winner.

As in past seasons, the pros are designated by the color of their uniforms.

Green Team (South Regional I)Edit

Sudden death: Wrestling battle royal

Joes: Eddie Dubose, Brent Allen,Jason Vogel,Matt Hill,Dallas Robinson,Steve Huff

WINNER: Jason Vogel

Purple Team (Northeast Regional I)Edit

sudden death: Punt Return for TD

Joe: "Iron" Mike Hall, Robert Foster, Mark Rohling, Donnie Frazier, Fameet Hammett, and Kevin Witt

WINNER: Donnie Frazier (Hall gave it to him) [1]

Light Blue Team (Central Regional I)Edit

Sudden Death: rebounding

Joes: Jay Williams Micheal Martin Chris Rich Tony Railing Derek Schafer Will Hunter

WINNER: Derek Schafer

Red Team (Northeast Regional II)Edit

Sudden Death: onside kicks

Joes: Mike Kotsch, Pablo Healing, Rahul Soni, Jermaine Reid, Joe Goodwin, John Grkovic

WINNER: Joe Goodwin

Dark Green Team (West Regional I)Edit

Sudden Death: TD Returns

Joes: Terrius Moseby, Dave Hubert, Dan Falkner, Jerry Lehman, Carvel Gardner, David Ortiz Jr

WINNER: David Ortiz Jr

Royal Blue Team (South Regional II)Edit

Sudden Death: scoop and score

Joes: Clayton Monte, Greg Macaluso, Brian Peters, Mark Kilibarda, Art Miller, Devon Tilly

WINNER: Clayton Monte

Yellow Team (West Regional II)Edit

Sudden Death: intercept the ball

Joes: Dion Santo, Clarence Chaney, Adam Wasserman, Justin Simonsen, Micheal Stange, Trent Madsen

WINNER: Trent Madsen

Gold Team (Central Regional II)Edit

Sudden Death: strip the dummy

Joes: Red Simmons, Gabriel Canape, Cory Driggs, Cakvin Lafiton, Tim Fritz, Kirby Sykes

WINNER: Gabriel Canape

Purple Team (Semi-Final)Edit

Maroon Team (Finals)Edit

Season Four: Pros vs. Joes: All StarsEdit

For the fourth season, which premiered April 27, 2009 at 11 pm ET/PT, the new hosts are FOX Sports NFL Sunday regulars Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer, and is titled "Pros vs. Joes All Stars". In addition, the format changed to a 3-on-3 competition between teams made up of three pros and three joes in three separate skill events and an end game between the teams. If the Joes beat the Pros, they get $10,000.

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