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Promontorium Deville (left of center) and Promontorium Agassiz (below center), from Lunar Orbiter 4
Oblique view showing Promontorium Agassiz (right), Promontorium Deville (left of center), and Mont Blanc (left, highest peak). From Apollo 15.

Promontorium Deville is a mountainous cape situated on the northeast margin of Mare Imbrium on the near side of the Moon. Its selenographic coordinates are 43.31° N, 1.14° E. It is located north of Promontorium Agassiz, south of Mont Blanc, northeast of Mons Piton, and northwest of Cassini crater.

Promontorium Deville is named after Charles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, a French meteorologist and geologist. The name of the feature was approved by the IAU in 1935.[1]

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  • LAC-25, a map showing Promontorium Deville and surrounding area


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