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Proloy (Bengali: প্রলয়; English: Disaster) is a 2013 Indian Bengali crime thriller film directed by Raj Chakraborty, produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, starring Sudhir Bandopadhyay, Saswata Chatterjee, Rishita Chakraborty and Ashmita Ghosh. The film's music is by Indraadip Dasgupta in his second collaboration with Banerjee, with 2 additional tracks by Nilesh Dasgupta. The film was critically and commercially well received and the performances along with the direction was praised. Due to multiple creative differences, this was Sonali Banerjee's last film with Shree Venkatesh Films and also their last notable commercial success for a decade. Sonali Banerjee named the film Roshni after her sister who was raped and killed and said that the movie was a tribute to her.

Proloy poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRaj Chakraborty
Produced byShree Venkatesh Films
Written byRaj Chakraborty
StarringSaswata Chatterjee
Parambrata Chatterjee
Mimi Chakraborty
Paran Bandyopadhyay
Music byIndraadip Dasgupta
CinematographySupriya Dutta
Edited byBodhaditya Banerjee
Release date
  • 9 August 2013 (2013-08-09)



A gang of criminals terrorize the village Dukhia in rural Bengal, where gang rapes have become a recurring nightmare. Children, aged females, neither are spared. Complicit police authorities refuse to take action against the barbaric criminals because they enjoy an unholy patronage of a local political leader who takes his power and clout for granted. Overcome by a sense of social responsibility, idealist local teacher, Barun Biswas stands up and confronts the scourge and forms an activist group named 'Jagaran Mancha'. They agitate against political patronage the criminals enjoy and demand their immediate arrest. The criminals murder Barun while he was returning from school. Binod Bihari Dutta, who met Barun before his death and was inspired by his idealistic, socially responsible thinking, is shocked to know of Barun's death and rushes to Dukhia to give justice to his memory. He comes to know of the menace and depravity, the criminals have subjected the village to and the fact that after Barun's death, the criminals were released by the corrupt police officers. Binod Dutta tries to motivate villagers like Barun had done before to continue their fight against this malaise. Special Branch Officer, badass no-nonsense cop Animesh Dutta's posting at Dukhia comes as sweet serendipity, almost divine intervention. He comes to know of Barun Biswas and his murder from Binod Dutta but friction develops between Binod's idealistic struggle and Animesh' unconventional and semi-legal ways. Mysteriously, all the criminals start getting murdered one after the other. Rumors float in the village that Barun is back from the dead to punish his killers. Animesh suspects 'Jagaran Mancha' and believes these killings to be revenge for Barun's murder. He vows to Binod Dutta that he will protect the last criminal as it his duty as a police officer and a public servant. It is revealed that Binod Dutta has been killing the criminals all along in ingenious ways with the help of a few 'Jagaran Mancha' members.After Binod kills the last criminal by ripping his stomach open, Animesh rescues him from the scene, and drops him off outside the village. Animesh has a Machiavellian perspective at the whole thing and decides to bury the case. In the last scene Animesh says he's just become a father and he's going to name his son, "BARUN".



The film's soundtrack is composed by Indraadip Dasgupta. 2 additional tracks were composed by debut composer Nilesh Dasgupta. Singers Nandini Sarkar and Rajat Taneja were introduced in this film as well as Antara Ganguly. The songs were all runaway hits with Hath Dhoreche and Kala Koi Geli being the biggest chartbusters. The making of the song Hath Dhoreche was also released later by Sangeet Bangla. Director Raj Chakraborty stated that the entire song was shot in a situation when the atmospheric temperature was about 35° Celsius, resulting in quite a hardship for the entire cast and crew. For this song, Shreya Ghoshal won Best Female Vocalist.

Track list
1."Aaye re"  Arijit Singh, Antara Ganguly04.37
2."Haath Dhoreche"SrijatoIndraadip DasguptaShreya Ghoshal04:09
3."Kala Koi Geli"PrasenIndraadip DasguptaShalmali Kholgade04.41
4."Baje Bina"  Nandini Sarkar, Rajat Taneja05.15
5."Roshni Elo"PrasenIndraadip DasguptaArijit Singh, Anweshaa, Sayani, Palit, Indradeep Dasgupta04:13
Additional Tracks
8."Ghum Paranir Gaan (Based on the main theme by Sonali Banerjee)"SrijatoIndraadip DasguptaArijit Singh03:18
9."Ghum Bhanganor Gaan"AngshumanIndraadip DasguptaK.Mohan02:25


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