Progress Alberta is a Canadian not for profit left-leaning advocacy organisation founded and operated by Duncan Kinney.

Progress Alberta
TypeNot for profit
PurposeLeft-wing political advocacy
Executive Director
Duncan Kinney



Progress Alberta is based in Edmonton, Alberta[1] and run by executive director Duncan Kinney.[2] It is a political left of centre leaning advocacy organisation[3] that was launched in 2016.[4]



Progress Alberta threatened legal action in 2020, when it claimed it was the target of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party who launched a public inquiry into the funding of environmental advocacy in Alberta.[1][5] The inquiry focussed on how United States-based philanthropic foundations partly funded environmental activism work in Alberta.[1] Prior to the inquiry, Progress Alberta had received tens of thousands of dollars from Tides Foundation in 2016 and 2017.[1] Duncan Kinney and lawyer Amir Attaran both argued that the inquiry was a breach of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[1]

The organisation's executive director was accused of vandalising Edmonton's Roman Shukhevych statue in 2022.[6]



The organisation produces the progressive news publication The Progress Report.[7]


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