Progresiv TM

Progresiv TM was a Romanian rock/progressive metal band from Timișoara. The band, set up in October 1972, was first called Classic XX, adopting the name Progresiv TM (being inspired by Locomotive GT) in April 1973.

The starting formula included vocalist Harry Coradini (real name Harald Kolbl, born February 20, 1944 in Timișoara), guitarist Ladislau Herdina, bassist Zoltan "Zoli" Kovacs, drummer Helmuth "Hely" Moszbruker, and keyboardist Ştefan Péntek.

In 1975, Kovacs was replaced by Ilie Stepan and the group received two new members: Mihai Farcas (drums, percussion) and Gheorghe Torz (flute).

In September 1975, Progresiv TM, composed by Coradini, Herdina, Stepan, Moszbrucker, Farcas, and Torz, released their first LP, Dreptul de a visa (The Right to Dream).

In September 1976, the band broke up. Coradini and Herdina, reformed the band with three members of Bucharest rock band, Red and Black: Liviu Tudan (bass guitar, piano, voice), Florin Ochescu (solo guitarist) and Dumitru Bădilă (drums). Subsequently, Dumitru Bădilă was replaced by Ion Cristian "Călare" sau "Pasarila " (drums, voice). They released Puterea muzicii (The Music Power) in 1979, only to break up shortly after. Coradini left the country, and Herdina returned to Timișoara, where she later re-established the group in 1983.


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Dreptul de a visa (Electrecord, 1975)
  • Puterea muzicii (Electrecord, 1979)

Band membersEdit

  • Harry Coradini (vocals) (1972–79)
  • Ladislau Herdina (guitar, vocals) (1972–83)
  • Helmuth Moszbruker (drums) (1972–76)
  • Zoltan Kovacs (bass) (1972–75)
  • Ilie Stepan (bass) (1975–76)
  • Ştefan Péntek (organ) (1972–76)
  • Gheorghe Torz (flute) (1975–76)
  • Mihai Farcaş (drums) (1975–76)
  • Liviu Tudan (bass, piano, vocals) (1976–79)
  • Florin Ochescu (guitar) (1976–79)
  • Dumitru Bădilă (drums) (1976)
  • Ion Cristian (drums, vocals) (1976–79)

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