Proculus of Verona

Saint Proculus (Italian: San Procolo) (d. ca. 320 AD) was a bishop of Verona who survived the persecutions of Diocletian. He died of natural causes at Verona.

Saint Proculus
Sebastiano Ricci 042.jpg
Saints Firmus and Rusticus of Verona with an angel, by Sebastiano Ricci. Saint Proculus is seated.
Died~320 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Major shrineChapel of San Procolo, Basilica di San Zeno
Feastdecember 9
Saint Proculus in San Zaccaria 1451

Traditional narrativeEdit

During the Diocleian persecution, Proculus, bishop of Verona went to the prison to encourage Firmus and Rusticus. He was bound and brought with them before Anulinus, the consul. However, as Proculus was elderly, Anulinus did not consider him worth his interest, and had him released, beaten, and driven from the city. He lived to survive the persecutions. [1]


Attached to the Basilica di San Zeno in Verona is the Church of San Procolo housing the relics of Saint Proculus. It dates from the 6th or 7th century, being erected in the Christian necropolis across the Via Gallica. It is first mentioned, however, only in 845. In San Zaccaria in Venice - life-size wooden statue "Proculus of Verona" (1451). In 1704, Sebastiano Ricci executed in Venice a canvas of "San Procolo" for Bergamo Cathedral.

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