Princess Tarakanova (1910 film)

Princess Tarakanova (Russian: Княжна Тараканова, romanizedKnyazhna Tarakanova) is a 1910[1][2] Russian short film directed by Kai Hansen.[3]

Princess Tarakanova
Princess Tarakanova 1910.jpg
Russian: Княжна Тараканова
Directed by
Written by
Release date
  • November 9, 1910 (1910-11-09)
Running time
18 min.
CountryRussian Empire
Princess Tarakanova (1910)


The film is based on the play Princess Tarakanova by Ippolit Shpazhinsky.[4]

The story of the alleged daughter of the secret marriage of Empress Elizabeth of Russia, who allegedly died tragically during the flood in the casemate of the Peter and Paul Fortress, where she was transferred by the will of Catherine II after a life sentence.


An 1864 painting by Konstantin Flavitsky


Before us is a series of historical figures with amazing truth. Nothing is missed in the sense of preserving the character of the era, life, costumes to the last detail. This film is a major event in the film market, and we are deeply confident in its insane success.[5]

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