Princess (comics)

Princess was a weekly British magazine for girls, published from 30 January 1960 to 16 September 1967 by Fleetway Publications. The publication featured a mix of articles, features, and comic strips. (About one-quarter of each issue was comics.)[1]

The cover of the first issue of Princess magazine, published 30 January 1960.
Publication information
PublisherFleetway Publications
FormatGlossy magazine
GenreDrama, humor, school
Publication date(vol. 1) 30 Jan. 1960–16 Sept. 1967
(vol. 2) 24 Sept. 1983–31 Mar. 1984
No. of issues(vol. 1) 399
(vol. 2) 28
Creative team
Written byDavid Attenborough, Marjorie Coryn, Jennifer Farley, Scott Goodall, Pat Smythe
Artist(s)H. M. Brock, Tom Kerr, Leslie Otway, Richard Rose, John Millar Watt
Editor(s)Leonard Matthews
Desmond Pride
John Wagner

True to its name, Princess featured a serial called Famous Royal Daughters by Marjorie Coryn and illustrated by John Millar Watt. Writers whose work was abridged in Princess included Joan Aiken, John Wyndham, Enid Blyton, Sylvia Thorpe, J. R. R. Tolkien, P. L. Travers, T. H. White, and Noel Streatfeild. Other contributors to Princess included David Attenborough, Scott Goodall, Pat Smythe, H. M. Brock, and Tom Kerr.

Covers of Princess always featured a single photograph or illustration, never a comics story.

A second Princess series was published by IPC Magazines in 1983–1984. Early issues featured Diana, Princess of Wales, on the cover.

Publication historyEdit

1960-1967 seriesEdit

Princess launched 30 January 1960. It was the first original girls' magazine by Fleetway (although the parent company, IPC, had previously acquired School Friend (launched 1950), Girl (launched 1951), and Girls' Crystal (launched 1953).

With the issue of 10 October 1964, the publication absorbed Girl to become New Princess and Girl; by March 1967, the title had reverted to Princess.

There was also a Princess Picture Library, which was published from July 1961 to 1966, when it merged into June and School Friend and Princess Picture Library; and Princess Gift Book for Girls, which was published from 1961 to 1976, long after the comic was no longer being published. There was also a Princess Holiday Special, published in 1965.[2] IPC/Fleetway released a Princess Annual in 1985.[3]

On 23 September 1967, Princess merged with fellow Fleetway title Tina to form the new publication Princess Tina. The Princess strips Alona—The Wild One, Barbie the Model Girl, The Happy Days, and Run, Kristina, Run continued in Princess Tina.

1983–1984 seriesEdit

A second Princess series was published by IPC Magazines for 28 issues from 24 September 1983 to 31 March 1984, when it merged into Tammy. It featured Diana, Princess of Wales, on the cover for the first ten issues or so, and also had some photo comics.


Original serialsEdit

  • The Apple Orchard Summer by Jennifer Farley — set in Brittany
  • Come Down the Mountain by Vian Smith
  • Daughters of Adventure by Marjorie Coryn and John Millar Watt
  • Famous Royal Daughters (1960–1967) by Marjorie Coryn, illustrated by John Millar Watt — continued as the center spread of Princess Tina
  • The Print of Time by Jennifer Farley — a girl finds a cave painting and pressing her hand onto it, finds herself back in the Stone Age. Oddly truncated just before the merger with Tina and had to come to a sudden end
  • Trekkers' Trail by Carol Vaughan
  • Wendy's Wizard illustrated by Richard Rose
  • A Year with Grandma illustrated by Gwen Touret




  • Alona — The Wild One illustrated by Leslie Otway — continued in Princess Tina
  • Barbie the Model Girl, illustrated by E. A. Allen — about the fashion doll of the same name; continued in Princess Tina
  • Belle and Mamie, drawn by Harry Lindfield[4]
  • Circus Ballerina written by Nobby Clark
  • Girl of the Limberlost (1962–1963), by Leslie Otway
  • The Happy Days (1960–1967) by Jenny Butterworth and Andrew J. Wilson — continued in Princess Tina
  • Heiress to Tangurau (1962) by Leslie Otway
  • Life with Uncle Lionel by Scott Goodall and Hugh McNeill
  • Lorna Doone (1960) by H. M. Brock[5]
  • Nurse Angela by Mike Hubbard
  • Pam and Peter drawn by Mollie Higgins[4]
  • Run, Kristina, Run written by Terence Magee — continued in Princess Tina
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel by John Millar Watt


  • Atchoo!, drawn by Bob Harvey
  • Their Darling Daughter..., drawn by Bert Hill
  • Farthings' Flight, drawn by Hugo D’Adderio
  • The Incredible Shrinking Girl!, drawn by Hugh Thornton-Jones
  • Mr Evans the Talking Rabbitphoto comic
  • Mini Princess Diana Pinus
  • Miranda’s Magic Dragon, drawn by Carlos Freixas
  • The Princess Diana Story
  • Ring of Feathers, drawn by Santiago Hernandez
  • Sadie in Waiting, drawn by Joe Collins
  • Stairway to the Starsphoto comic



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