Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness may refer to:

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  • Jeremiah G. Hamilton (1806–1875), Broker & The first black millionaire in New York.
  • Miles Davis (1926–1991), jazz musician
  • William F. Galvin (born 1950), Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since January 1, 1995
  • General Sir Mike Jackson (British Army officer) (born 1944), Chief of British General Staff, commander of KFOR military administration of Kosovo (disputed territory, partially recognised)
  • Warren Kinsella (born 1960), Canadian political consultant and former PMO staffer to Prime Minister Jean Chretien
  • Lord Mandelson (born 1953), former British Cabinet Minister and First Secretary of State
  • Robert Novak (1931–2009), American journalist and conservative commentator
  • Ozzy Osbourne (born 1948), British rock singer and television personality
  • Richard Perle (born 1941), American assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration
  • Karl Rove (born 1950), American political consultant
  • Roger Stone (born 1952), American political consultant
  • Andrew Radclyffe (born 1966), Australian Harpist
  • The Undertaker (born 1965), professional wrestler, called "Lord of Darkness"
  • Gordon Willis (1931–2014), cinematographer famous for his work on The Godfather films


  • The Prince of Darkness, the subtitle of Monsieur, the first book of Lawrence Durrell's 1974 The Avignon Quintet


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