List of princes of Capua

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This is a list of the rulers of the Principality of Capua.

Lombard rulers of Capua edit

Gastalds and counts edit

The gastalds (or counts) of Capua were vassals of the princes of Benevento until the early 840s, when Gastald Landulf began to clamour for the independence which Salerno had recently declared. That caused a civil war in Benevento which did not cease for some ten years and by the end of the 9th century Capua was definitively independent.


Princes edit

In 910, the principalities of Benevento and Capua were united by conquest (Atenulf's) and declared inseparable. This, and the inevitable co-rule of sons and brothers, causes ceaseless confusion to any historian of the period, even more so to his readers.

The Principality of Capua as it appeared in 1000

In 982, the principalities were finally ripped apart by Pandulf Ironhead's division of his vast holdings and by imperial decree, but the chronology gets no less confusing.

Norman princes of Capua edit

These princes were of the Drengot line and served as a counterpoise to the House of Hauteville until it had finally lost all power. The chronology here, too, can be very confusing due to the rivalry between the Robert II and Roger II of Sicily and his sons.

To the Kingdom of Sicily, where it became an appanage for second sons: