Landulf III of Benevento

Landulf III (died December 968 or 969) was Prince of Capua (as Landulf V) and Benevento from 959 as co-prince with his father, Landulf II and brother Pandulf Ironhead, and from 961 only with his brother. His mother was Yvantia.

In 961, Landulf II died and Landulf and his brother became sole princes, though the elder Pandulf was by far the more domineering. The Chronicum Salernitanum affirms the co-regency, however, and the principle of the indivisibility of the united Capua-Benevento as declared by Atenulf I in 900, when it says Beneventanorum principatum eius filii Pandolfum et Landulfum bifarie regebant . . . communi indivisoque iure, that is "the Beneventan principality was reigned in jointly by Pandulf and Landulf under indivisible common jurisdiction." However, this system eventually collapsed and Pandulf ruled in Capua while Landulf ruled in Benevento.

In 967, the Emperor Otto I came down to Rome and charged Pandulf with prosecuting a war against the Byzantine Empire in Apulia. Landulf took part in the subsequent campaign of 968, but he retired in illness and died at Benevento leaving two sons: Pandulf and Landulf. The Chronicum says Landulf tenuit principatum una cum suo germanus annos octo, that is, "held the principality solely with his brother for eight years." Pandulf, however, cheated his nephews out of their patrimony, made himself sole prince. Both of Landulf's sons would later become princes of Benevento.


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Preceded by Prince of Capua
Succeeded by
Prince of Benevento