Prince Hoare (elder)

Prince Hoare (ca. 1711 – 5 November 1769) was an English sculptor. "Prince" in this instance was a given name, not a royal title.


Possibly born near Eye, Suffolk, brother of William Hoare RA, he trained under Peter Scheemakers in London. He subsequently settled in Bath with his brother but spent much of the 1740s in Italy. He returned to Bath in 1749 and remained active as a sculptor. On 26 May 1751 he married Mary Coulthurst (1716–1751) daughter of the clothier Henry Coulthurst of Melksham with a dowry of £6,000. Despite his new found wealth he continued as a sculptor.

He died in Bath on 8 November 1769.[1]


In May 1751 he married Miss Mary Colthurst of the Colthurst baronets of Melksham and received a dowry of £6000 (the equivalent of £1 million in 2020).[2]



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