Prince Edward Island Cables

The Prince Edward Island Cables connect the electric grid on Prince Edward Island with the mainland in New Brunswick. The two cables have a length of 17 kilometres (11 mi) and a capacity of 180 MW each and stretch from Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick to Borden-Carleton. The cost was $142.5 million shared by federal ($68.9 million) and provincial ($73.6 million) governments.[1] The project was run by Maritime Electric.[2]

The cables replaced two oil-filled three-phase cables at 138 kV with a capacity of 100 MW each taken into operation in October 1977, providing the first connection to the mainland grid. They were ordered from the Swedish company Sieverts Kabelverk [sv] in 1974. In order to not disturb the fishing of scallops in Northumberland Strait, a special plough was constructed to place the cables deep enough in the bottom.[3]


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