Primate of Galicia and Lodomeria

Primate of Galicia and Lodomeria (German: Primas Unserer Königreiche Galizien und Lodomerien) − was the Catholic Church historical title of honor, that existed in the Austrian Empire from 1817 until 1858 for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lviv (1817–1848) and the Ruthenian Catholic Archeparchy of Lviv (1848–1858). Under this Primate were three ecclesiastical provinces of the different Catholic traditions: Armenian, Latin and Ruthenian (present day Ukrainian) in Halychyna.


title, that was established without the consent of the Holy See in February 13, 1817, by the Austrian Emperor Francis I. The title was given to the Latin rite archbishops of Lviv. In 1848 Emperor Franz Joseph I transferred the title to the Greek Catholic Archbishops of Lviv. It ceased to be in use in 1858.[1]

List of Primates of Galicia and Lodomeria
Andrzej Alojzy Ankwicz 1817 – 1833
Franz Xaver Luschin 1834 – 1835
František Pištěk 1836 – 1846
Václav Vilém Václavíček 1847 – 1848
Mykhajlo Levitsky 1848 – 1858


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