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Pride and Prejudice (1958 TV series)

Pride and Prejudice is a 1958 British television adaptation of the novel of the same name, which aired on the BBC. Cast included Alan Badel, Pamela Binns, Jane Downs, Susan Lyall Grant, Marian Spencer, Vivienne Martin, Hugh Sinclair, William Squire, Joan Carol, Jeanne Elvin, Colin Jeavons, Barbara New, and Greta Watson. Six half-hour episodes were produced, presumably aired live (since that was usually the case with BBC drama of the era), and telerecorded for overseas broadcast. All six episodes are believed to be lost.[1] The designer was Stephen Bundy, adaptation by Cedric Wallis and the producer was Barbara Burnham.




The series was exported to Australia where it was shown on ABC. A reviewer for The Australian Women's Weekly called it "delightful", said "for out-of-this-world entertainment I'll nominate Jane Austen", and praised the performances of Jane Downs and Alan Badel.[2] A still photograph appeared in an earlier edition of the magazine.[3]


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