Pretoria Metal Pressings

Denel Pretoria Metal Pressings, shortened as Denel PMP or just PMP, is an arms producer in South Africa. It is a division of the Denel Group.[1][2]

Pretoria Metal Pressing
HeadquartersPretoria West,
South Africa


Founded since 1931, the company has been producing with code: PMP. it also produced for the South African Mint (ammunition code: SAM).[3]

Through its history, PMP has produced ammunition with different ammunition codes including: SAM, A, RSA, PMP and various number abbreviations. The company's history is linked to the South African mint, which produced ammunition from 1937 to 1964.[4]

As of 2019, they were the only supplier of ammunitions to the South African Police Service.[5]


PMP's main products include civil and military ammunition in calibers from 5.56 mm to 12.7 mm and 20 mm to 35 mm.[6][7]

Another business area is the production of brass. Every year over 25,000 t are produced for the production of cartridge cases within South Africa and for export.

PMP makes large-caliber sniper rifle NTW-20[8] and the Neopup Personal Assault Weapon.[9]

Other products are explosives for use in fire extinguishing systems and for emergency opening of aircraft cockpits. In addition, explosives for mining and primers are produced.[10]


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