President Hotel (Moscow)

Hotel President - a four-star hotel complex in Moscow at Bolszaja Yakimanka St. 24 (ул. Большая Якиманка). It consists of 206 rooms.[1] The facility is equipped with a complex of 20 conference rooms, cinema/theatre, swimming pool, and medical point.[2] It was supposed to be the most luxurious hotel in Moscow at that time.[when?]

President Hotel
Президент Отель
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President Hotel
President Hotel (Moscow) is located in Central Moscow
President Hotel (Moscow)
Location within Central Moscow
General information
LocationMoscow, Russia
Address24, Bolshaya Yakimanka St.
Coordinates55°44′14.59″N 37°36′46.91″E / 55.7373861°N 37.6130306°E / 55.7373861; 37.6130306Coordinates: 55°44′14.59″N 37°36′46.91″E / 55.7373861°N 37.6130306°E / 55.7373861; 37.6130306
OwnerAdministration of the President of the Russian Federation
Technical details
Floor count14
Design and construction
ArchitectI. Dyachenko, I. Leonov
DeveloperCentral Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Other information
Number of rooms206
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Built in 1983 by the company Mosstroy No. 16 (Мосстрой № 16) of the Glavmospromstroy union (Главмоспромстрой), now Mospromstrоy (Моспромстрой), on the order of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU).[1][2]

Since 1992, it has been operated under the name of Hotel President by the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

Interesting factsEdit

In the years 1983-1992, the facility was secret, outside the hotel did not have any signboard, access was only to accommodated guests, party and government leadership and senior CPSU officials. The cost of the stay was covered by the Central Committee of the CPSU.[3] Separate rooms in the building were used by the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU, currently the President of Russia, and the security services.[4]

A fallout shelter for 350 people was built in the hotel.[5]

The hotel is equipped with an escalator.[6]

In popular cultureEdit

The three American political advisers of Spinning Boris were lodged at the hotel.[7]

The complex includesEdit

  • Hotel Arbat (Гостиница Арбат) **** at 12 Plotnicki Zaulek (Плотников переулок), built in 1960 as the Oktiabrskaya hotel (Гостиница Октябрьская), from 1983 Oktiabrskaya Hotel-2 (Гостиница Октябрьская-2) name;
  • Hotel Los (Гостиница Лось) *** at Taymyrska St 1 (ул. Таймырская).


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