Premio Paolo Borciani

The International String Quartet Competition "Premio Paolo Borciani" was created in 1987 in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and is dedicated to their famous fellow citizen, founder and first violin of the Quartetto Italiano. Twenty years later, the Premio has now become one of the most prestigious competitions of the world, thanks also to the precious support of MaxMara[citation needed]. Promoter and organiser is Fondazione I Teatri in Reggio Emilia; artistic director is Paolo Cantù; founder was pianist Guido Alberto Borciani, Paolo Borciani’s brother. The Competition has been a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions since 1991.

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  • 1st Prize: not awarded
  • Finalist Prize: Amaryllis Quartet, Germany; Meccorre Quartet, Poland; Voce Quartet, France
  • Audience Prize: Voce Quartet, France
  • Special Prize for the best performance of the new quartet commissioned to Giya Kancheli: ex aequo Meccorre Quartet, Poland and Cavaleri Quartet, UK


  • 1st Prize: Kelemen Quartet, Hungary
  • 2nd Prize: Mucha Quartet, Slovakia
  • 3rd Prize: Varèse Quartet, France
  • Audience Prize: Mucha Quartet, Slovakia
  • Special Prize for the best performance of a contemporary piece: Varèse Quartet, France


  • 1st Prize: not awarded
  • 2nd Prize: Omer Quartet, United States
  • 3rd Prize: Quartetto Adorno, Italy
  • Audience Prize: Quartetto Adorno, Italy
  • Special Prize for the best performance of a contemporary piece: Quartetto Adorno, Italy

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