Prefix (disambiguation)

A prefix is a part of a word attached to a beginning of a word which modifies the meaning of that stem.

  • Possessive prefix, a prefix used in word formation for creation of various possessive forms

Prefix may also refer to:

  • In computing science:
    • Prefix (computer science), a substring starting at the initial position of a reference string
    • Prefix is one of the attributes defined by the RDFa extension.
    • Network address prefix, the initial part of a network address, used in address delegation and routing
    • Binary prefix, a name or associated symbol that can precede a unit of measure in computing to indicate multiplication by a power of two
  • Prefix order (mathematics), a generalization of the notion of prefix of a string, and of the notion of a tree
  • Numerical prefix, a prefix derived from the words for numbers in various languages, most commonly Greek and Latin
  • SI prefix or metric prefix, a name or associated symbol that precedes a unit of measure (or its symbol) to form a decimal multiple or submultiple
  • Descriptor (chemistry), a prefix placed before the systematic substance name for chemical compounds
  • Prefix code, a type of code in coding theory
  • Namespace identifier of a Unique identifier
    • Trunk prefix, the initial number to be dialled in a domestic telephone call
    • Telephone prefix, the first set of digits in a telephone number not a country code or area code
    • ITU prefix, a call sign for radio and television stations.
    • Ship prefix, a combination of letters used in front of the name of a civilian or naval ship
  • Prefix notation or Polish notation, a method of mathematical expression
  • Prefix Magazine, an alternative media publication about music
  • Prefix (acoustics), the initial part of the sound, one of J. F. Schouten's five major acoustic parameters

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