Pref. Celso Daniel-Santo André (CPTM)

Prefeito Celso Daniel–Santo André, or informally known only as Santo André, is a train station on CPTM Line 10 (Turquoise), in the city of Santo André.

Prefeito Celso Daniel–Santo André
Estação Celso Daniel.jpg
View of the platforms of the station on September 2014.
General information
LocationRua Itambé, 67
Coordinates23°39′08″S 46°31′42″W / 23.652244°S 46.528221°W / -23.652244; -46.528221
Owned byBandeira do estado de São Paulo.svg Government of the State of São Paulo
Operated byCptmsymbol.svg CPTM
PlatformsSide and island platforms
ConnectionsEXT C.jpg Touristic Express
Spemtusymbol.svg São Mateus–Jabaquara Metropolitan Corridor
Metrô-SP icon.svg  20  (Future)
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station codeSAN
Opened16 February 1867
Rebuilt6 March 1979
Previous namesSão Bernardo
Santo André
Preceding station CPTM Following station
Prefeito Saladino
towards Luz
Line 10 Capuava
São Caetano do Sul-Pref. Walter Braido
towards Tamanduateí
Express Line 10 Terminus
São Caetano do Sul-Pref. Walter Braido
towards Luz
Express Line 10+
Prefeito Saladino
towards Jundiaí
Service 710 Capuava
Future out-of-system interchange
Preceding station São Paulo Metro Following station
towards Santa Marina
Line 20
Track layout


The station at the time of its opening. Photo by Militão de Azevedo.

The station was opened on 16 February 1867, being part of Santos–Jundiaí Railway. At the time, it was named São Bernardo, as the city of Santo André "didn't exist yet" and the closest city was São Bernardo. However, the station was fundamental to what is the city of Santo André nowadays. The district was created in 1910 and promoted to city in 1938. However, the old designation was kept until 1934.[1]

With the growing of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, the station was slowly prioritizing the urban trains service. In 1975, from the 6,780,434 passengers of the station, 95% of them were from the called suburban trains. In 1977, the original station was demolished and, in 1979, a new structure was opened, which is the same until nowadays. The trains that stopped by the stations quitted traveling to Santos in 1996. In December 2002, after the murder of Mayor Celso Daniel, the station was renamed after him.[2]


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Disused railways
toward Jundiaí
  Trunk line
The São Paulo Railway Company
toward Santos
Prefeito Saladino
toward Luz
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