Prachov Rocks

The Prachov Rocks (Czech: Prachovské skály) are a rock formation in the Czech Republic approximately 5 kilometres west of Jičín.[1] Since 1933, they have been a protected natural reserve. The region where the formations are located is called Bohemian Paradise, Český ráj in Czech.[2][3]

Rock towers of Prachov Rocks

The formations are made of sandstone, originally in the form of a plateau. Since its formation over 60 million years ago, the rock has been eroded by wind and rain into the unique forms found at the site.[4] Several of the individual rock towers have inspired names due to their appearance, such as the Leaning Tower, Devil's Kitchen, the Monk, the Elephant, and the Eagle.[4]

Some scenes for major productions were filmed in the area, including Carnival Row, Britannia, Little Mermaid, Van Helsing, The Mists of Avalon, and the original Hellboy.[5][6][3][7]



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Coordinates: 50°28′3.19″N 15°17′2.23″E / 50.4675528°N 15.2839528°E / 50.4675528; 15.2839528