Prabhat Sangeet is a collection of Bengali poetry by poet Rabindranath Tagore.[1] The book was first published in 1883[2] and was followed by Tagore's earlier work Sandhya Sangeet (1882[3]).[4] This works also marks the end of the second stage of Tagore's poetic career.[5]

Prabhat Sangeet
Prabhat Sangeet 1st edition (1883) title page, in Bengali, black and white
Prabhat Sangeet 1st edition (1883) title page
AuthorRabindranath Tagore
Original titleপ্রভাত সঙ্গীত
Publication placeIndia



In this book the poet celebrated the nature and joyousness of the world.[4] He also revisited his childhood. Tagore explained: "At last one day, I do not know how, the bolted door was broken open and I got back what I had lost. I did not merely get it back but through the barrier of separation, got a fuller idea of it. That is why I got much more when in the Prabhat Sangeet, I got back the world of my childhood. Thus easy access to nature followed by separation and reunion marked the end of an episode in the first chapter of my life."[5]


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