Poyma (river)

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The Poyma (Russian: Пойма, called Адими Adimi until 1972) is a river in Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai, Russia. It is 44 kilometres (27 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 274 square kilometres (106 sq mi).[1] The river rises on the southern slopes of Mount Lesozagotovitelnaya on the border with China (Black Mountains) and flows south, then bends to the southeast, finally emptying into the Baklan Bay of Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan. In its upper reaches the river has characteristics of a mountain stream. Downriver it flows through a swampy area.

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Physical characteristics
 • locationMount Lesozagotovitelnaya
MouthSea of Japan
 • location
Baklan Bay
 • coordinates
42°49′37″N 131°21′46″E / 42.82694°N 131.36278°E / 42.82694; 131.36278Coordinates: 42°49′37″N 131°21′46″E / 42.82694°N 131.36278°E / 42.82694; 131.36278
Length44 km (27 mi)
Basin size274 km2 (106 sq mi)

Main tributaries: Malaya Poyma, Shkolnaya, Mutnaya.


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