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Coordinates: 50°37′50″N 2°09′57″W / 50.6305°N 2.1657°W / 50.6305; -2.1657 Povington Priory was a Benedictine priory in Tyneham,[1] Dorset, England.

It was established as an alien priory of the Abbey of Bec.[2] This term could mean simply an estate and does not necessarily imply the presence on the property of even a small conventual monastic house.

In England Bec possessed in the 15th century several priories, namely, St Neots, Stoke-by-Clare, Wilsford, Steventon, Cowick, Ogbourne, and at some point also Blakenham Priory. St Neots Priory was particularly large.[3] In Wales Bec also had Goldcliff Priory, in Monmouthshire.

The London suburb of Tooting Bec takes its name from the medieval village’s having been a possession of Bec Abbey.

Wool and English ewe's milk cheese produced at Povington were shipped to the Mother House via the docks at Wareham.[4]

Following the dissolution of the alien priories, the lands were granted to St. Anthony's Hospital, London[5]


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