Pothys is a chain of textile showrooms in South India. Originally they exclusively sold silk sarees, but today all types of garments are sold. The flagship store in Chennai is called Pothys' Palace.

TypeSilk Sarees
GenreWardrobe store
FounderK.V.Pothy Moopanar
HeadquartersChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Number of locations
Tirunelveli, Srivilliputtur,Coimbatore,Salem, Chennai, Madurai, Nagercoil, Trivandrum , Puducherry, portonovo, Trichy and Bengaluru
Area served
ServicesSilk sarees
OwnerK.V.P. Sadayandi Moopanar


Pothys (stylised as POTHYS) was established in 1923[2][3][4][1] by K.V.Pothy Moopanar under the name Pothy Moopanar to sell cotton sarees and dhotis woven on his own loom.[5] K.V. Pothy Moopanar born in Srivilliputhur belongs to a heritage family of Weavers.

In 1977, his son K V.P.Sadayandi Moopanar was able to establish the name and expand the outfit with a self-styled retail showroom at Srivilliputhur, re-christened 'POTHYS' . Their next showroom was opened in 1986 in Tirunelveli.

Pothy Moopanar's children and grand children run the business today.

Hurun Report ranked Sadayandi Moopanar as 260th richest Indian with ₹2,800 crore fortune in its 2017 list.

Pothys in Madurai


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