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Postcards To Voters is a group of American volunteers who write postcards to targeted voters in the hope of increasing Democratic turnout in close, key elections across the country. Founded by Tony McMullin, the group started informally in March 2017 with a handful of volunteers who wrote postcards in support of Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff. By November 2018 it had grown to nearly 40,000 volunteers[1] from every state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii,[2] and sent approximately 3 million postcards. Volunteers write and often decorate the postcards by hand, paying for their own supplies and postage.[3]

Postcards to Voters
FormationMarch 11, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-03-11)
FounderTony McMullin
TypeVolunteer organization

Although it is not clear exactly how effective the postcards are, a 2007 study showed that handwritten notes were three times as effective as machine-printed ones,[4] and the group has supported more winning than losing candidates.[1] Among the candidates the group has supported are Doug Jones of Alabama, who won a special U.S. Senate election in December 2017; Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania, who won a special U.S. House election in March 2018; and Danny O'Connor of Ohio, who narrowly lost a special U.S House election in August 2018. A full list of races and results can be found on the group's website.[1]

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