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Postal codes in the People's Republic of China (simplified Chinese: 邮政编码(邮编); traditional Chinese: 郵政編碼(郵編); pinyin: yóuzhèng biānmǎ (yóubiān)) are postal codes used by China Post for the delivery of letters and goods within mainland China.

2-digit postcode areas China (defined through the first two postcode digits)

China Post uses a six-digit all-numerical system with four tiers: the first tier, composed of the first two digits, show the province, province-equivalent municipality, or autonomous region; the second tier, composed of the third digit, shows the postal zone within the province, municipality or autonomous region; the fourth digit serves as the third tier, which shows the postal office within prefectures or prefecture-level cities; the last two digits are the fourth tier, which indicates the specific mailing area for delivery.

The range 000000–009999 was originally marked for Taiwan (The Republic of China) but is not used because it not under the control of the People's Republic of China. Mail to ROC is treated as international mail, and uses postal codes set forth by Chunghwa Post.

Codes starting from 999 are the internal codes used by China Post for handling international (including the SARs and Taiwan) mails, and not used by the general public.


Beijing – 10Edit

100600 (exact code, not a range) is exclusively for diplomatic and foreign institutions (regardless of actual location in Beijing), with preferential (priority) delivery.

102008 is exclusively for venues of 2008 Summer Olympics, which announced use on July 1, 2007 and discontinued on September 30, 2008.[1]

Shanghai Postal Area – 20Edit

Tianjin – 30Edit

Chongqing – 40Edit

North China – 0Edit

Inner Mongolia – 01-02Edit

West (01)Edit

East (02)Edit

Shanxi – 03-04Edit

North (03)Edit

South (04)Edit

Hebei – 05-07Edit

Southwest (05)Edit

East (06)Edit

West (07)Edit

Northeast China – 1Edit

Liaoning – 11-12Edit

East (11)Edit

West (12)Edit

Jilin – 13Edit

Heilongjiang – 15-16Edit

East (15)Edit

West (16)Edit

East China – 2Edit

Jiangsu – 21-22Edit

South (21)Edit

North (22)Edit

Anhui – 23-24Edit

North (23)Edit

South (24)Edit

Shandong – 25-27Edit

Northwest (25)Edit

East (26)Edit

Southwest (27)Edit

East China – 3Edit

Zhejiang – 31-32Edit

North (31)Edit

South (32)Edit

Jiangxi – 33-34Edit

North (33)Edit

South (34)Edit

Fujian – 35-36Edit

North (35)Edit

South (36)Edit

Central China – 4Edit

Hunan – 41-42Edit

North (41)Edit

Major in South (42)Edit

Hubei – 43-44Edit

Major in East (43)Edit

Major in West (44)Edit

Henan – 45-47Edit

Northeast (45)Edit

Southeast (46)Edit

West (47)Edit

South China and Guizhou – 5Edit

Guangdong – 51-52Edit

Major in East (51)Edit

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center is located in Xiaoguwei of Panyu District, but the post code uses 510006.

Major in West (52)Edit

Guangxi – 53-54Edit

West (53)Edit

East (54)Edit

Guizhou – 55-56Edit

South (55)Edit

North (56)Edit

Hainan – 57Edit

Southwest China – 6Edit

Sichuan – 61-64Edit

Central and Southwest (61)Edit

West (62)Edit

East (63)Edit

Chongqing also uses post codes starting with "63" before 1997.

Southeast (64)Edit

Chongqing also uses post codes starting with "64" before 1997.

Yunnan – 65-67Edit

East (65)Edit

South (66)Edit

West (67)Edit

Northwest China – 7Edit

Shaanxi – 71-72Edit

East (71)Edit

West and Central (72)Edit

Gansu – 73-74Edit

North (73)Edit

South (74)Edit

Ningxia – 75Edit

West China – 8Edit

Qinghai – 81Edit

Xinjiang – 83-84Edit

North (83)Edit

South (84)Edit

Tibet – 85-86Edit

Most areas (85)Edit

Nyingchi (86)Edit

International and regional – 9Edit

The following codes are for internal operation only, and not in use by the public


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