Porzhensky Pogost

Coordinates: 61°54′37″N 38°6′33″E / 61.91028°N 38.10917°E / 61.91028; 38.10917 The Porzhensky Pogost (Russian: Порженский погост) is a pogost near Porzhenka River in the Kenozersky National Park, Russia, with several wooden religious buildings of 18th century, surrounded by partially preserved fence. Administratively, it is located in Plesetsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast. The Porzhensky Pogost is located at the outskirts of the abandoned Porzhenskoye village, on the top of a hill, in the center of a small field. The pogost was built on a secluded pagan site and includes an 18th-century church with a bell tower, emulating the Russian architectural style of the 16th–17th centuries.[1]

The pogost was designated by the Russian government as an architectural monument of federal significance (#2910079000).[2]


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