Portuguese Cross Country Championships

The Portuguese Cross Country Championships (Portuguese: Campeonato de Portugal de Corta-Mato) is an annual cross country running competition that serves as Portugal's national championship for the sport. It is usually held in February or March. It was first held in 1911 and featured a men's long course race only. A women's race was added to the programme in 1967. Short course races for both sexes have been held since 2000.[1]

Portuguese Cross Country Championships
LocationVarious, Portugal
Event typeCross country
Distance12 km and 4 km for men
8 km and 4 km for women

The event includes separate races for both sexes across four categories: open (senior), under-23, under-20, and under-18 (Portuguese: nacional, sub-23, juniores, juvenis). The introduction of short races came shortly after their introduction as an official distance at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships. The under-23 races were established in 2014. The under-20 race is much longer-lived: its debut for men came in 1932 and the women's race appeared for the first time in 1971. The under-18 race for boys was created in 1966 and shortly followed by a girls race in 1972. Each of the races features both an individual and club team component. The short course races are usually held separately from the main long course events.[1][2] The 2010 and 2012 races were held as part of the annual international Almond Blossom Cross Country race.[3]

Carlos Lopes is the most successful athlete of the competition, having won ten national titles between 1970 and 1984, while Rosa Mota is the most successful woman, with eight titles between 1975 and 1985. In the short races, Rui Silva has the most titles at nine (between 2000 and 2013) and Anália Rosa has the most among women, earning five titles from 2000 to 2006.[4]

Past senior race winnersEdit

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1911 Francisco Lázaro Not held
1912 Matias Carvalho
1913 Germano Garcês
1914 Not held
1922 Mário Conceicào Not held
1923 Albano Martins
1924 Not held
1928 Manuel Dias Not held
1929 Not held
1930 Manuel Dias Not held
1931 Manuel Dias
1932 Manuel Dias
1933 Manuel Dias
1934 Manuel Dias
1935 Adelino Tavares
1936 Manuel Dias
1937 Manuel Dias
1938 Manuel Nogueira
1939 Manuel Nogueira
1940 Manuel Nogueira
1941 Manuel Nogueira
1942 Anibal Barào
1943 Alberto Ferreira
1944 Joào Silva
1945 Joào Silva
1946 Joào Silva
1947 Filipe Luis
1948 Filipe Luis
1949 Alfonso Marquez
1950 Alvaro Conde
1951 Filipe Luis
1952 Filipe Luis
1953 António Martins
1954 José Araújo
1955 Manuel Faria
1956 Manuel Faria
1957 Manuel Faria
1958 Manuel Faria
1959 Manuel Faria
1960 Joaquim Ferreira
1961 Maximiano Pinheiro
1962 Manuel Oliveira
1963 Manuel Marquez
1964 Manuel Oliveira
1965 Manuel Oliveira
1966 Anacleto Pinto
1967 Manuel Oliveira Manuela Simões
1968 Manuel Oliveira Manuela Simões
1969 Maximiano Pinheiro Manuela Simões
1970 Carlos Lopes Manuela Simões
1971 Carlos Lopes Branca Seabra
1972 Carlos Lopes Céu Lopes
1973 Carlos Lopes Filomena Vieira
1974 Carlos Lopes Branca Seabra
1975 Aniceto Simões Rosa Mota
1976 Carlos Lopes Rosa Mota
1977 Carlos Lopes Rosa Mota
1978 Carlos Lopes Rosa Mota
1979 Fernando Mamede Aurora Cunha
1980 Fernando Mamede Aurora Cunha
1981 Fernando Mamede Rosa Mota
1982 Carlos Lopes Rosa Mota
1983 Fernando Mamede Aurora Cunha
1984 Carlos Lopes Rosa Mota
1985 Fernando Mamede Rosa Mota
1986 Fernando Mamede Aurora Cunha
1987 Dionísio Castro Albertina Machado
1988 Ezequiel Canário Albertina Machado
1989 Ezequiel Canário Maria Conceição Ferreira
1990 Domingos Castro Maria Conceição Ferreira
1991 Dionísio Castro Maria Conceição Ferreira
1992 António Pinto Albertina Dias
1993 Domingos Castro Albertina Dias
1994 Domingos Castro Maria Conceição Ferreira
1995 Paulo Guerra Albertina Dias
1996 Paulo Guerra Fernanda Ribeiro
1997 Paulo Guerra Fernanda Ribeiro
1998 Domingos Castro Fernanda Ribeiro
1999 Paulo Guerra Fernanda Ribeiro
2000 Eduardo Henriques Carla Sacramento
2001 Paulo Guerra Carla Sacramento
2002 Eduardo Henriques Carla Sacramento
2003 Domingos Castro Fernanda Ribeiro
2004 Fernando Silva Anália Rosa
2005 Fernando Silva Anália Rosa
2006 Eduardo Henriques Jéssica Augusto
2007 Rui Pedro Silva Jéssica Augusto
2008 Eduardo Henriques Jéssica Augusto
2009 Rui Pedro Silva Inês Monteiro
2010 Yousef el Kalai Ana Dulce Félix
2011 Yousef el Kalai Ana Dulce Félix
2012 Manuel Damião Ana Dulce Félix
2013 Manuel Damião Ana Dulce Félix
2014 Manuel Damião Ana Dulce Félix
2015 Rui Pinto Ana Dulce Félix
2016   Nelson Epifanio Da Cruz (CPV) Carla Salomé Rocha
2017 [[]] [[]]

The following year's races were won by non-Portuguese runners:

Short raceEdit

Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
2000 Rui Silva Anália Rosa
2001 Rui Silva Anália Rosa
2002 Rui Silva Anália Rosa
2003 Rui Silva Fernanda Ribeiro
2004 Manuel Damião Ana Dias
2005 Ricardo Ribas Anália Rosa
2006 Rui Silva Anália Rosa
2007 Ricardo Ribas Claudia Pereira
2008 Mário Teixeira Sara Moreira
2009 Rui Silva Sara Moreira
2010 Rui Silva Ana Dulce Félix
2011 Rui Silva Sara Moreira
2012 Rui Silva Carla Salomé Rocha
2013 Rui Silva Carla Salomé Rocha
2014 Manuel Damião Carla Salomé Rocha
2015 Rui Pinto Catarina Ribeiro
2016 Andre Pereira Daniela Cunha


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