Ports of Call (film)

Ports of Call is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by Denison Clift and starring Edmund Lowe, Hazel Keener, and William B. Davidson.[1][2]

Ports of Call
Directed byDenison Clift
Written byEdfrid A. Bingham
Story byGarrett Fort
StarringEdmund Lowe
Hazel Keener
William B. Davidson
CinematographyAllen M. Davey
Distributed byFox Film Corporation
Release date
  • January 4, 1925 (1925-01-04)
Running time
6 reels
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


As described in a review in a film magazine,[3] Kirk Rainsford (Lowe) and Randolph Sherman (Davidson) are rivals for the love of Marjorie Vail (Keener) when a fire occurs at the Vail home. Kirk proves himself a coward when he refuses to go and rescue Marjorie's little sister Peggy (McLain). Disgusted, Kirk's father (Conklin) disowns him and, through fast living that causes his downfall, he becomes a wandering derelict, finally landing in Manila. In a saloon brawl he aids Lillie (Tashman), one of the woman, and they become friends. She believes in him and, when he is attacked by thugs, encourages him and he fights them off. He suggests that they go to a friend of his in the country where they will find work. When they arrive, Kirk discovers that the farm has changed hands and is now owned by Sherman, who has married Margorie. Lillie finds out about Marjorie's identity and her past relationship to Kirk. The local populace revolts and set fire to the farm house, and Kirk aids Marjorie to safety while Sherman is killed. Finding herself, Lillie leaves but Kirk, realizing that he loves her, follows and they find happiness together.



With no prints of Ports of Call located in any film archives,[4] it is a lost film.


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