Portland Cement Association

Portland Cement Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of cement and concrete. The organization conducts and sponsors research,[2] participates in setting cement manufacturing standards,[3][4] and disseminates free designs of concrete-based architectural structures,[5] among other functions.

Portland Cement Association
FormationOctober 23, 1902; 120 years ago (1902-10-23)[1]
Founded atNew York City
Headquarters200 Massachusetts Avenue NW; Washington, D.C. 20001
United States, Canada
Chairman of the Board
Filiberto Ruiz
Vice Chairman of the Board
Massimo Toso
Mike Ireland
Formerly called
Association of Portland Cement Manufacturers

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Publication of the Portland Cement Association

PCA's origin dates back to 1902, following a meeting of cement manufacturers in the eastern U.S. who assembled to discuss problems with cement packaging.[6] At the time, cement was packaged in reusable cloth sacks that were returned to the manufacturer, but that created problems for consumers.[7] On October 1, 1902, this issue prompted the formation of a temporary organization that would represent all the manufacturers involved.[8] The organization was unofficially called "the Eastern Portland Cement Manufacturers."[1] The organization was formally established and its constitution and by-laws adopted by the representatives of 20 cement companies in New York on October 23, 1902,[1] and renamed the Association of Portland Cement Manufacturers.[9]

In 1916, as the Association entered into a contract with the Lewis Institute to conduct joint research in concrete, it was renamed again to the Portland Cement Association, and its headquarters moved from Philadelphia to Chicago.[10]

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