Portland Cement Association

Portland Cement Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of concrete. The organization conducts and sponsors concrete research projects,[4] participates in the setting of industry standards of cement manufacturing,[5][6] disseminates free designs of concrete-based architectural structures and its elements,[7] etc.

Portland Cement Association
Logo of Portland Cement Association.jpg
FormationOctober 23, 1902; 117 years ago (1902-10-23)[1]
Founded atNew York City
Headquarters5420 Old Orchard Road
Coordinates42°03′48″N 87°45′48″W / 42.0632142°N 87.7634144°W / 42.0632142; -87.7634144Coordinates: 42°03′48″N 87°45′48″W / 42.0632142°N 87.7634144°W / 42.0632142; -87.7634144
President and CEO
James G. Toscas[2]
Chair of the Board
John Stull
Vice Chair of the Board
Allen Hamblen
Senier Vice President
Edward J. Sallivan
Formerly called
Association of Portland Cement Manufacturers


The formation of the organization was triggered by a 1902 meeting of eastern cement manufacturers that assembled to discuss the problems of cement packaging.[8] At the time, cement was packaged in reusable cloth sacks that were returned to the manufacturer which created problems for consumers.[9] On October 1, 1902, this prompted the formation of a temporary organization that would represent all manufacturers involved.[10] The organization was unofficially called "the Eastern Portland Cement Manufacturers."[1] The organization was formally established, its constitution and by-laws adopted by the representatives of twenty cement companies in New York on October 23, 1902.[1] The organization was named "Association of Portland Cement Manufacturers."[11]

In 1916, the Association was renamed to "Portland Cement Association", and its headquarters moved from Philadelphia to Chicago as the Association entered into a contract with the Lewis Institute to conduct joint research in concrete.[12]

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