Port Adelaide Cricket Club

Port Adelaide Cricket Club is a cricket club in Adelaide, South Australia. Its home oval is the Port Reserve, Port Adelaide.[1]

Port Adelaide Magpies
Port Adelaide Cricket Club Logo.jpg
Team information
Colors  White &   Black
Home groundPort Reserve

The club was founded in 1893.[2] Port Adelaide has played in the South Australian Grade Cricket League since 1897.[1]


Newspaper records show that a Port Adelaide cricket team existed in the early 1860s. The team competed briefly in the Adelaide Suburban Cricket Association before forming a local league, the Port Adelaide Cricket Association in 1882–83.

William Whitridge proposed Port Adelaide at the annual meeting of the SACA in September 1885 but the motion was defeated due to the lack of available grounds. They were admitted for season 1893–94, and in 1896 combined with the Australs to play as Port-Australs for one final season.

The club was officially formed at a meeting at the Friendly Societies' Room in July 1897.[3]

SA A-Grade Cricket PremiershipsEdit

  • 1927-1928
  • 1928-1929
  • 1929-1930
  • 1967-1968
  • 2013-2014

International representativesEdit

Test CricketEdit

Port Adelaide Cricket Club members who have played test cricket include


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