Populär Historia

Populär Historia is a Swedish language monthly history magazine published in Malmö, Sweden.

Populär Historia
CategoriesHistory magazine
PublisherBonnier Publications
Year founded1991
CompanyBonnier Group
Based inMalmö
WebsitePopulär Historia

History and profileEdit

Populär Historia was started in 1991.[1][2][3] The founding company was Historiska Media.[4] The magazine is based in Malmö.[5][6] The owner of the magazine was the LRF Media until 1 June 2016 when it was acquired by the Bonnier Group.[7] Since then the magazine has been published by the Bonnier Publications again in Malmö.[7] It is published on a monthly basis.[2] Jacob Wiberg is the editor-in-chief of the magazine.[6]

In 2007 the majority of Populär Historia readers were men.[1] In 2009 the magazine sold 35,000 copies.[4]


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