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Poor Poor Paul (Russian: Бедный бедный Павел, romanizedBednyy bednyy Pavel) is a 2003 Russian historical film. It is a biopic of Czar Paul I of Russia and the final film of the historical trilogy of Vitaly Melnikov "The Empire. The Beginning".[1]

Poor Poor Paul
Poor Poor Paul.jpg
Directed byVitaly Melnikov
Story byVitaliy Melnikov
Based onplay of Dmitry Merezhkovsky
StarringViktor Sukhorukov
Oleg Yankovsky
Oksana Mysina
Music byAndrey Petrov
CinematographySergey Astakhov
Release date
  • June 22, 2003 (2003-06-22)
Running time
103 minutes



...The cold November of 1796. Empress Catherine the Great who undividedly ruled Russia for 34 years has died. The throne goes back to her son Paul I - a nervous and impetuous middle aged man, who is a captive of his own illusions. Deciding to change almost everything what he inherited from his unloved mother, Paul attracts supporters, one of whom is Count Peter Pahlen. He is an intelligent and calculating courtier who thanks to the boundless trust of the emperor gathers immense power in his hands. Pahlen initially supports Paul's reforms but then the situation changes...

The highest nobility in Russia, fueled by the money of England is extremely unhappy with the innovations of Paul I. One after another plots against him are conspired. Distraught by the suspicion directed towards him and fearing for his life, Paul punishes the innocent and the guilty, but this can not save the unfortunate emperor. The main conspiracy against Paul involves his own sons, Alexander and Constantine, and its general command is carried out by Count Pahlen! Paul eventually falls in total despair after he learns of such a comprehensive betrayal, he ceases to resist and the doomed man awaits the conspirators-murderers in his bedroom at the Mikhailovsky Castle ...




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