Pontifical Academy of Theology

The Pontifical Academy of Theology (Italian: Pontificia Accademia di Teologia) is a learned society founded in 1718, and is a Pontifical Academy.[1] It is situated at Via della Conciliazione, Vatican City, Rome.[2]


The Pontifical Academy of Theology was founded by Clement XI in 1718, and fostered by Benedict XIII, Clement XIV, and then by Gregory XVI who on 26 October 1838 drafted statutes for it. On 28 January 1999 Pope John Paul II renewed the statutes. The purpose of the Academy is to form well-trained theologians and promote dialogue between faith and reason, while presenting the Christian message in a way that meets the needs of our time,[3] so that the message of Christ might be embodied in all peoples' lives and cultures.[4]

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