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Quarters of Naples - Ponticelli is number 30
Location of the province of Naples

Ponticelli is an eastern suburb of Naples, southern Italy with a population of some 70,000 inhabitants, not counting the large number of unregistered and illegal residents, which some estimates put as high as 60,000.


It is located inland, near the highway connections of the city; Barra lies to the south. Ponticelli end with San Giorgio a Cremano, Volla and Cercola. It is part of Comune di Napoli. The River Sebeto crossed the territory of Ponticelli till 1950, when it was covered. The area was humid and covered by waters. Between 1930 and 1950 the land was urbanized.


The area was incorporated into the city of Naples under Fascist rule and was heavily bombed in World War II. The area has suffered much the same fate of urban decay as the rest of the eastern periphery of Naples, a fate that includes drugs, entrenched organized crime, unemployment, massive overbuilding since the end of World War II and a large influx of illegal immigrant workers. The quarter of Ponticelli was the first to revolt against the Nazis, starting the Four days of Naples. Radio London gave the first notice of the riots. The riot ended with the arrival of Nazi troops. After the war, the city was known as "borgo rosso" since the high percentage of vote given to Communist party.

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Coordinates: 40°50′N 14°19′E / 40.833°N 14.317°E / 40.833; 14.317