Pontianak Kota

Pontianak Kota (Pontianak town in English) is a district (Indonesian:kecamatan) of the city of Pontianak. It lies on the south bank of the Kapuas Besar River and covers an area of 15.98 km2. It had a population of 110,111 at the 2010 census;[1] the latest official estimate of population (as at mid 2019) is 1227,700.[2] This is the location of Pontianak's main civic administrative offices.

List of famous places in Pontianak Kota:

  1. Dwikora Harbour, main harbour of Pontianak
  2. Pontianak Major Office
  3. Inter-district ferry dock (connects North Pontianak and Pontianak Kota)
  4. Matahari Shopping Mall
  5. Kebon Sajoek Stadium, home of the city football club Persipon Pontianak


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