Ponte della Paglia

Ponte della Paglia is a bridge in Venice, Italy. The current structure dates from 1847, and the original structure was built in 1360. The original structure was the oldest stone bridge in Venice.[1] The name of the bridge is understood to come from boats mooring nearby to offload straw (paglia).[2] The bridge is a common place from which to view the Bridge of Sighs.

Ponte della Paglia

In popular cultureEdit

Ponte della Paglia by Maurice Prendergast

The bridge is the subject of a painting by Maurice Prendergast, the original artwork being part of the Phillips Collection.[3] Casanova references the bridge in his memoirs as a place where he meets a woman whose life he had saved before.[4]


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Coordinates: 45°26′01″N 12°20′28″E / 45.4336°N 12.3410°E / 45.4336; 12.3410