The simple station Polo is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, opened in the year 2000.

General information
LocationCalle 80
with Carrera 27
Barrios Unidos
Preceding station TransMilenio Following station
Escuela Militar D Calle 76
towards Polo
Escuela Militar
towards Calle 76
A Calle 76
towards Terminal
B Terminus

Location edit

The station is located in northwestern Bogotá, specifically on Calle 80, with Carrera 27.

It serves the Juan XXIII, Alcázares Norte, and Santa Sofía neighborhoods.

History edit

In 2000, phase one of the TransMilenio system was opened between Portal de la 80 and Tercer Milenio, including this station.

The station is named Polo due to its proximity to the neighborhood of the same name located to its north. The neighborhood, in turn, is named for the Polo Club field located within its boundaries.

Station services edit

Old trunk services edit

Services rendered until April 29, 2006
Kind Routes Frequency
Current   Every 3 minutes on average
Express     Every 2 minutes on average

Current Trunk Services edit

Service as of April 29, 2006
Type Northern Routes Southern Routes Frequency
All days
4 6
4 6
Every FIVE minutes
Express Monday through Saturday
All day
D20 D24
H20 J24
Every two minutes
Express Saturday
All day
Every two minutes
Express Monday through Friday
Mixed service, rush and non-rush
Every two minutes

Feeder routes edit

This station does not have connections to feeder routes.

Inter-city service edit

This station does not have inter-city service.

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