Poipu Beach Park

Poʻipū Beach Park is located in the community of Poʻipū on the southern coast of Kauaʻi island in Hawaii.

Poʻipū Beach
Poipu Beach surfspot, Kauaʻi island, Hawaii

The beach is a park has lifeguards provided by county of Kauaʻi. There are swimming and snorkeling areas, and a surf break over a reef for experienced surfers only. It can get crowded on weekends.[1] It was ranked as the best beach in America by Florida International University professor Stephen Leatherman, "Dr Beach" in 2001.[2] It is located at 21°52′24″N 159°27′15″W / 21.87333°N 159.45417°W / 21.87333; -159.45417Coordinates: 21°52′24″N 159°27′15″W / 21.87333°N 159.45417°W / 21.87333; -159.45417. Just west of the county park are the Moir Gardens on the Kiahuna plantation.[3]


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