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Podesta is a phantom island reported at 32°14′S 89°08′W / 32.233°S 89.133°W / -32.233; -89.133Coordinates: 32°14′S 89°08′W / 32.233°S 89.133°W / -32.233; -89.133 by the Italian Captain Pinocchio of the vessel Barone Podestà (Hereward Carrington, Carrington Collection, page 21) in 1879 claiming it to be just over a kilometre in circumference located 1390 km due west of El Quisco, Chile. It was originally located 900 miles west of Chile's coast. The island was charted falsely until 1935, when it was removed from charts (marked "Existence Doubtful" by Defense Mapping Agency's 1975 Operation Navigational Chart R-22). The island has not been found since.

An island near Easter Island was sighted in 1912 but was likewise never seen again. Sarah Ann Island northwest of Easter Island was another island also removed from naval charts when a search in 1932 failed to find it.


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