Plumptre House, Nottingham

Plumptre House, Nottingham (also known as Plumtre House) was the home of the Plumptre family from the thirteenth century until 1791.

Plumptre House
Plumptre House pictured in Vitruvius Britannicus
Plumptre House, Nottingham is located in Nottingham
Plumptre House, Nottingham
Location in Nottingham
General information
Town or cityNottingham
Coordinates52°57′6.4″N 1°08′34.3″W / 52.951778°N 1.142861°W / 52.951778; -1.142861
Construction started1724
Design and construction
Architect(s)Colen Campbell

The house was located on the corner of what is now Keyes Walk and Stoney Street in Nottingham, adjacent to the churchyard of St Mary's Church. The family had occupied the site since at least the thirteenth century. John Plumptre (b. 1679) inherited the house from his father Henry in 1693.[1] The house was remodelled between 1724 and 1730 to the designs of Colen Campbell.[2]

The last of the Plumptre family to live in the house was John Plumptre (1711-1791), MP for Nottingham. Following Plumptre's death in 1791, the house was lived in by William Wilson, an Alderman of Nottingham.

It was sold in 1841 by C.N. Wright.[3] The property was purchased on 21 February 1853 for £8,410 (equivalent to £1,075,000 in 2023)[4] by Richard Birkin. The house was let for six years to the Nottingham School of Design. It subsequently moved to Commerce Square, where it became the Nottingham School of Art.[5]

The building was demolished in 1860 as the site was cleared for the construction of a lace warehouse.[6]


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