Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play Tech Center (or "Plug and Play") is early stage investor, accelerator and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in the Silicon Valley.

Plug and Play Tech Center
Venture Capital Firm, Startup Accelerator, and Corporate Innovation Consultancy
FoundedFebruary 2006; 13 years ago (2006-02)
FounderSaeed Amidi
Headquarters440 N Wolfe Road, ,
Number of locations
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
Cleveland, OH, USA
New York, NYC, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Berlin, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany
Munich, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Paris, France
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Valencia, Spain
Guadalajara, Mexico
Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto, Japan
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Xi'an, China
Shenzhen, China
Suzhou, China
Zhengzhou, China
Jakarta, Indonesia
Key people
Saeed Amidi (Founder & CEO)

Plug and Play runs two programs per year in each industry and location (totaling 50 accelerator programs per year) and has 300 corporate partners and 200 venture capitalists in its ecosystem.[1] It was recently named the 'Most active Silicon Valley venture capital firm' by Silicon Valley Business Journal.[2]

Plug and Play were early investors in Google, PayPal, Dropbox, LendingClub, N26, Soundhound and Guardant Health.

According to Plug and Play's 2018 report, the company accelerated 1,107 startups in 2018 (562 in USA, 545 non-domestic). The company claims to have made 222 investments in 2018.[3]

Its Spring 2017 programs hosted 175 startups in nine different industries:[4]

Its Spring 2019 programs hosted 135 startups in seven different industries:[5]

The industries the company focuses on include:[citation needed]

  • Brand & Retail
  • Financial Technologies (Fintech)
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Wellness
  • Insurance Technologies (Insurtech)
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobility
  • New Materials & Packaging
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Real Estate Tech (Proptech)
  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supply Chain & Logistics (Logtech)
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial Safety Technology (Safetytech)

The founder is Saeed Amidi.[4]

The company has offices in Sunnyvale, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Guadalajara, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Kyoto, São Paulo, Singapore, Valencia, Spain and Cleveland.[4]

Plug and Play partners with corporations and exposes them to the Silicon Valley startup culture and to the startups themselves.[4]

Portfolio/Alumni CompaniesEdit


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