Plexxikon is an American drug discovery company based in Berkeley, California. It was co-founded in 2001 by Joseph Schlessinger of Yale University, and Sung-Hou Kim of the University of California, Berkeley.

It uses a proprietary structural biology-based platform called Scaffold-Based Drug Discovery to build a pipeline of products in multiple therapeutic areas. This discovery process integrates multiple technologies, including structural screening as one key component that it hopes will give a significant competitive advantage over other approaches.

In April 2011, Plexxikon was acquired by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo for $805 million and an additional $130 million in potential milestone payments.[1]

Drug pipelineEdit

  • Plexxikon is collaborating with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals on several products for use in type II diabetes and other metabolic disorders.[2] The most advanced of these agents is indeglitazar (PLX204), which is currently in Phase II clinical trials for type 2 diabetes.[3]
  • PLX7486 is a CSF1R antagonist and pan-TRK inhibitor in clinical trials for advanced solid tumors.[4][5]


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