Playa Grande, Guatemala

Playa Grande ("Big beach") is the administrative centre of the municipality of Ixcán in the Guatemalan department of El Quiché.

Playa Grande, Guatemala
The market in Playa Grande Ixcán
The market in Playa Grande Ixcán
Playa Grande, Guatemala is located in Guatemala
Playa Grande, Guatemala
Playa Grande, Guatemala
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 15°59′17″N 90°46′54″W / 15.98806°N 90.78167°W / 15.98806; -90.78167
CountryFlag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
DepartmentEl Quiché
 (2018 census)[1]
 • Total12,710
 • Ethnicities
K'iche' Ixil Uspantek K'ekchi Ladino
 • Religions
Roman Catholicism Evangelicalism

Native Mayan languages spoken in the area include, among many others, Uspantek and Q'eqchi', although Spanish is also common.

Its annual festival is held from the 15th to the 17th of May.

Playa Grande has an airport, Playa Grande Airport. Its International Air Transport Association code is PKJ.

Xalalá hydroelectric damEdit

Pacifist mural depicting the Victory of January 20 in Ixcán

The Xalalá hydroelectric dam is a proposed development project in Ixcán. It is controversial because it will flood 31.8 km2 and displace twelve Q'eqchi' Maya communities.[1] It is a project of the Plan Puebla Panama. The dam is opposed by the Organizational Commission of the Community Consultation of Good Faith, Ixcán, which wants the Instituto Nacional de Electrificación (INDE) to complete consultations with local indigenous groups pursuant to the International Labour Organization Convention No. 169, Article 7. The municipal government called for such a consultation on 2007-04-20.[2]

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Coordinates: 15°59′N 90°46′W / 15.983°N 90.767°W / 15.983; -90.767