Plantagenet (radio plays)

Plantagenet is a three-series sequence of BBC Radio 4 radio plays by the British dramatist Mike Walker, broadcast in the Classic Serial strand, based on the account of the Plantagenet dynasty in Holinshed's Chronicles. Each series consisted of three weekly episodes, the first premiering from 14 February 2010, the second from 29 May 2011 and the third from 1 April 2012.

Episode listEdit

Series 1Edit

Henry II – What is A Man?Edit

Richard I – LionheartEdit

John, by the Grace of GodEdit

Series 2Edit

Edward I – Old SoldiersEdit

Edward II – The Greatest TraitorEdit

Richard II – And All Our Dreams Will End in DeathEdit

Series 3Edit

Henry V – True BelieversEdit

Henry VI – A Simple ManEdit

Richard III – The Three BrothersEdit

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