Plan V (film)

Plan V is a Mexican film directed by Fez Noriega. The film is stars Natasha Dupeyrón,[2] María Gabriela de Faría, and José Pablo Minor, and premiered on 17 August 2018.[1]

Plan V
Plan V poster.jpg
Directed byFez Noriega
Release date
  • 17 August 2018 (2018-08-17)
Running time
100 minutes[1]

Principal photography began on 19 December 2016, and concluded on 21 January 2017.[1]


Paula (Natasha Dupeyrón) prepares to give an anniversary surprise to her boyfriend Chema, a famous telenovela actor. But the surprise is hers, however, when she finds him cheating on her with his agent Marcelo( David Alegre) . Paula, in the company of her friends Fernanda (María Gabriela de Faría) and Jennifer (Stephanie Gerard), comes to the conclusion that what she needs to get rid of disappointment is a virgin man who will surely value her. The three friends come up with Plan V (virgin), that introduces them in the fascinating and, until then, unknown world of the university, in which they will find a series of endearing characters, among them Luis (José Pablo Minor), a handsome and intelligent virgin that will change their lives.



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