PlanGrid is a construction productivity software. The platform provides real-time updates and seamless file synchronization over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. PlanGrid replaces paper blueprints, brings the benefits of version control to construction teams, and is a collaborative platform for sharing construction information like field markups, progress photos and issues tracking.

PlanGrid, Inc.
  • Ryan Sutton-Gee
  • Ralph Gootee
  • Antoine Hersen
  • Kenny Stone
  • Tracy Young

PlanGrid is a venture capital-backed company based in San Francisco, California that creates construction software for the iPad, android tablets, iPhone,[1] and Windows in the construction industry[2] by allowing field workers to store, view, and communicate with construction blueprints.[3] Its capability to deal quickly with blueprint changes is aimed at helping the construction industry deal with the costs of paper building plans.[4][5]

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and was founded in December 2011 by a group of construction engineers and software engineers.[6] The initial product, PlanGrid for iPad, launched March 2012,[7] its iPhone app launched in September 2012,[8] and its Android app launched May 2014.

PlanGrid's CEO, Tracy Young, was named to Fast Company's "Most Creative People in Business" in 2015.[9]

The company's board of directors include former Salesforce COO George Hu,[10] Sequoia Capital Partner Doug Leone,[11] and former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.[12]

Autodesk announced plans in November 2018 to acquire PlanGrid for US$875 million.[13]

Fundraising HistoryEdit

The company's seed-stage investors include Y-Combinator, Sam Altman, Paul Buchheit and 500 Startups.[14]

In May 2015, PlanGrid raised a $18 million Series A from Sequoia Capital.[15]

In November 2015, PlanGrid raised a $40 million Series B led by Tenaya Capital.[16]


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