Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society

The Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (PARS) was established in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1986 by Richard Brewster, John Haught and others.[1] Its purpose is "the preservation and exhibition of historic communications equipment and early electronic entertainment media, with an emphasis on the Pittsburgh area and related material."[2]

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The Pittsburgh Oscillator: journal of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society (formerly The Pittsburgh Oscillator: newsletter of the Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society) is published quarterly. Its ISSN is 0879-9480. Its OCLC record number is 17679107.

The Society has also produced a series of 25 publications on various aspects of radio history. Examples are: A Bibliography of Frank Conrad, a comprehensive list of writings by and about Frank Conrad, one of the founders of radio station KDKA (2007); Vintage Radio Redux, the collected essays of radio historian Karl Laurin (2008); and Richard Brewster's An Interview with Harold Beverage (2007). Harold Beverage was the inventor of the wave antenna, also known as the Beverage antenna. A complete list of publications in this series is available on the Society's web page, which is linked below.

The Society has 150 members and meets eight times a year.


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